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Friday, 27 June 2014

Runner bean Enorma

I am trialling three types of runner bean this year the first to set flowers is Emorma shown in the picture. It is such a treat to have flowers that low on the wigwam support, my other plot at Wellcome was so shaded with trees the plants struggled for light and advanced upwards very quickly, the beans were mostly limited towards the top of the supports.
On the subject of beans I can state that all my beans have wound there way up the canes anti-clockwise in response to a comment by Sue Garrett of Green Lane Allotments Here I will also add that my bath water exits the plug hole anti-clockwise. Answers on a postcard please
The soil is very dry at the moment and regular watering is essential as rainfall so far this summer has been scarce here in Eastbourne which seems to have a little micro-climate being shielded by the south downs, the weather forecast for the region is often quite different for us.
Our plot has been left a little overgrown in places to encourage wild flowers that may assist companion planting and the many different colour poppies are adding lovely colour in places, the pot marigolds I have sown later than normal will be adding to the display.


  1. We have grown Enorma and it has done well for us . Nowhere near flowering time for us though but no need to water either as it is raining as I type.

    Our water goes anticlockwise down the plug hole too. Isn't it called widdershins?