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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Can a good little`un beat a good big`un it`s getting close

The Sony RX100 a compact camera with exceptional low light capabilities up to ISO 6,400 with a fast f1.8 Zeiss lens. I have just purchased a used one to keep as my general out and about pocket camera. From these test shots I took today I am pleasently surprised at the overall quality.
16 pictures in total sorry should you get bored

                           Four pictures my son took in Abu Dhabi with the same camera



  1. I was surprised by the picture the camels until I read that your son had taken it. I know it is balmy on the south Coast, but....
    That camera certainly produces excellent photo quality.

  2. I, like Mark, was intrigued by the camels. We have a little Lumix which we use in the same way.

  3. We had 50,000 tons of sand imported for the beach at Holywell the camels are £5 for a five minute ride
    That would be a story! if it were true

  4. Really helpful post thank you, I am looking for a small camera at the moment, it isn't always practical lugging the OH big camera around. Is there one a little cheaper you would recommend? Great photos!

    1. Chickpea, The RX 100 can be got for about £300 I have the one with the articulated screen which is the same camera apart from that but a lot more money The Sony DSC-HX9V range money depends on model and zoom range Amazon or Ebay its the one I would go for it has amazing panoramic setting and 16x optical zoom which is enough.

  5. Thank you David, I will look into this