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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Bumble Bee on Erigeron

Insects again but a more pleasant one. I was watching this bee working it`s way round the erigeron flower hoovering up the remaining pollen. The photos show just how much pollen was filling the sacs on it`s hind legs. Was it able to take flight again with sacs that full, clearly no problem at all as it was off to another flower soon after.
Bees it seems are happy for you to take pictures providing you stand off them by using a telephoto or zoom lens, This one was unconcerned for several minutes as I stood some 6 feet away. Most macros are hopeless you are far to close to them. 4 pictures in total taken with a 300mm zoom


  1. I got a shot yesterday with my wide angle held close but to be fair the nee was resting on a chive flower so very still. ( I'll try to remember to post it on Facebook). The problem was it was quite dull so the eyes didn't show up. The lighting in your photo is perfect.

    1. Sue if the light isn`t good try popping the flash up it might disturb the bee but by then you should have your photo

    2. Oops just spotted the typo! Blush!

    3. I didn`t notice the typo as I often go down on one nee to take a photo

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    1. thank you for saying so it`s nice to get feedback