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Monday, 29 December 2014

Panoramic pictures with the Fuji X100

Those of you who follow photography on this blog will know that one of my favourite cameras at the moment is the first version of the Fuji X100. Its ability to get picture quality and exposure correct each and every time with or without flash is amazing, it`s usually the first camera I pick up when going out. What I haven`t tried before is the panorama feature either in 180 or 120 degree mode.
Monday was a very cold but bright and sunny day so I took the camera up to the Beachy Head area and Birling Gap to try this feature out. The camera is turned on it`s side and following the direction of the arrow on the screen the shutter button is depressed and the camera is slowly rotated until the required number of shots are stitched together. The two shots taken at the 120 degree setting are just about as they came out of the camera but I have reduced the 3.5Mb (reasonable by today's standards) finished file size. I tried the 180 degree setting but found the picture format too wide and too narrow for my tastes. Notice the horizon in the bottom picture is straight, very commendable considering its a series of shots stitched together in-camera.

Birling gap coast guard cottages and the seven sisters
Beachy Head area Belle Tout lighthouse (now a b and b ) in the far distance

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Cuckmere river at Alfriston East Sussex

I have been busy with other pressing items of household chores so have been out of the loop for a while, anyway I thought I would share these pictures with you, that is those of you who have not seen it on Twitter or Facebook, I show them (certainly the top one) really to demonstrate what a lovely spell of sunny warm weather we have had in October a real "Indian summer" we stroll along this part quite often and end with a pot of tea and often a scone in a little quaint tea room in Alfriston called "the singing kettle". 
The bottom photo taken by a friend is the same spot at the height of the floods at the end of December 2013  two extreme views of our weather in East Sussex and England

Friday, 12 September 2014

The De La Warr pavilion with the Fuji X100

A mixed day weather wise at the recently restored art deco inspired De La Warr pavilion at Bexhill but an opportunity to take some more pictures with the camera I am growing to like more each day.
I intend to return when I have more time to photograph the wonderful interior changes

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fujifilm X100 digital camera

My favourite small real camera at the moment for it`s ability to take terrific photos under all sorts of lighting condition from moonlight to bright sunshine and get the exposure right each time every time, I love it.
The camera is retro in that it looks like a rangefinder film camera of many years ago it is a all metal construction and has a full size APS-C sensor with a dual optical and electronic viewfinder. 
The camera can be used on A (automatic) setting but I prefer to use the all manual setting either shutter priority or aperture priority a must if you want to get your DOF (depth of field) right. 
Lens is F2 and fixed focal length of just short of wide angle about 35mm in a 35mm camera format no zoom then and no image stabilisation. Zoom is with your feet and because the ISO will go to 3200 and higher it always sets a fast shutter speed to minimise shake.

with hood and half case fitted the lever with the red dot selects optical or electronic viewfinder

A or rotate for aperture priority f numbers

A or rotate for shutter priority speeds right knob is exposure compensation

I added a Leica style leather strap with lug protectors to protect the metal body

The display giving all relevant data this appears in the electronic viewfinder when your eye is placed up to the viewfinder or you can select a plain optical view with a framing graticule by the flick of a lever
        Four shots out of the camera showing a high resolution lens and correct exposure and colours

when the sun is shining I use fill flash permanently the camera always selects the right amount

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Identified by the open wings in the rest position this specimen was very accomodating allow me to photograph it fairly close with a digital SLR camera macro lens and a flashgun. 
There are some fantastic details and colours in this fabulous insect not all of them particularly pleasant to look at and not really noticable unless you have a macro lens or a very large megapixel camera that allows cropping to reveal the detail.

I have repeated this post on my other blog on wordpress for larger pictures with more detail

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Eastbourne "Airbourne" air show Saturday

A sunny day with huge crowds enjoying what is always a splendid event annually. The highlight probably being the last two Lancaster bombers still flying, more on that subject Here from my friend Shrimpton and Perfect`s blog with a Spitfire and Hurricane making up a memorial flight. The Typhoon is always impressive especially on after-burners and is very very noisy. The Red Arrows made a welcome comeback (they were missing last year due to being in Russia on a goodwill visit) and put on the usual fantastic display. All pictures were taken from our beach chalet a good vantage point.

Gull number one get back in formation

The memorial flight plus the Canadian Lancaster
I believe the caption reads "The last one"

Thanks for being on standby guys

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunshine Showers and Honey Bees

There I was taking pictures of a new rose in the garden when I noticed some really ominous dark rain clouds, scampered indoors before the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. As is often the case in a typical English summer it was followed by sunny spells and more showers, in between the showers I managed to get some pictures of several honey bees on the lavender bush.
Our local primary school Here have just installed some black bees hives on the marsh and I have attached a photo of this excellent project for you to read (probably needs to be enlarged to make reading easier) the children suitably clothed will monitor the bees.

Spider has made the rose his home

Pink after a heavy shower

An inverted reflection of the garden bench

A tiny piece of something in the raindrop, I think it looks like a man carrying something on his left shoulder while pulling a tray of cabbages, what do you think?

Honey bee taken with fill flash compare with the one below that wasn`t

West Rise black bee project