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Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunshine Showers and Honey Bees

There I was taking pictures of a new rose in the garden when I noticed some really ominous dark rain clouds, scampered indoors before the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. As is often the case in a typical English summer it was followed by sunny spells and more showers, in between the showers I managed to get some pictures of several honey bees on the lavender bush.
Our local primary school Here have just installed some black bees hives on the marsh and I have attached a photo of this excellent project for you to read (probably needs to be enlarged to make reading easier) the children suitably clothed will monitor the bees.

Spider has made the rose his home

Pink after a heavy shower

An inverted reflection of the garden bench

A tiny piece of something in the raindrop, I think it looks like a man carrying something on his left shoulder while pulling a tray of cabbages, what do you think?

Honey bee taken with fill flash compare with the one below that wasn`t

West Rise black bee project


  1. The photo of the bench in the raindrop and the bees are fantastic. I'm fascinated by the upside down world in raindrops.

  2. The photos are stunning, those raindrops wow!

  3. Fantastic pics. I have never thought of raindrops having 'things' in them, you learn something new every day. Really pleased to see more and more initiatives helping the bee population. And I'm always pleased when it's the next generation getting involved.

    jean x

  4. Jean thanks for taking the time to read all of the blog

  5. The colour of the rose is stunning.

  6. We haven't had any rain or storms here, we really could have done with it to break the humidity. Lovely shots as usual, particularly the raindrops - love the shape of the first rose, great bee shots too.

  7. Funny how regionally different the weather can be in England

  8. Those drops are fabulous shots and yes, I see the man with his shoulder load and cabbages!
    We've had no rain here at all.
    The bee shots are pretty dammed good too! x