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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Filling both Sussex trugs a plot update

After a hot stormy and muggy few days we visited the plot after a weeks absence to harvest whatever crops were ready.
We were so pleased to pick our first sweet peas a mixed variety from a £0.25P packet the scent is heavenly our absolute favourite from any flower.
Runner and french beans are now prolific and we harvested the last of the Charlotte potatoes to give our daughter a nice bag to take home.
Beetroots are ready and we picked a few to boil and skin in our usual manner and eat hot.
We only have outdoor tomatoes but they are beginning to ripen and there are plenty of them on three plants which are sited in the middle of the plot and look remarkedly healthy. (famous last words)
Peas never seem to find there way into the pot quite a few get eaten when picking, the rest take there chances depending who is doing the shelling in this case there were four of us so we decided to finish eating them raw and `save on the gas bill`
Perpetual spinach is ready and we are picking regularly
Sweetcorn will be the last to harvest probably in September

Spencer mixed sweet peas

My first ever  not quite ready outdoor tomato from the plot was always told you need a greenhouse

Bolthardy beetroot

Runner bean Enorma

French beans

Perpetual spinach

Charlotte 2nd early

There`s one missing

Eat now or cook?

spinach with a knob of butter

Beetroot cooking
                                                         Help tying in the sweet corn


  1. Smashing harvest. We had our first potatoes last night, amazing. We've also been eating our peas raw, because they are so tender and sweet i've been adding them to salads and pasta sauces.

    Jean x

    1. Pea shoots are also quite tasty Jean

  2. Such appetising photos, David! There is a lot of rubbish talked about what you can and can't do with tomatoes. I always grow them outdoors, and usually have great success. I'm glad to see you using the Sussex trug - so appropriate for you. Did you buy it/them locally? They are objects of beauty as well as being practical. I see you went for "Spencer Mixed" Sweet Peas, like me, though yours appear to have fewer of the dark colours than mine. Exquisite by any measure!

    1. good point about the dark colour spencer mix I love the dark ones lets hope they will be ready soon

  3. Macro crops now! I am picking sweet peas too - I have had Spencer Mixes in the past but this year I treated myself to a named variety mixed pack chosen for vase worthiness and scent,

  4. I`m wondering if mine are spencer mixed as Mark commented I haven`t seen any dark ones yet

  5. They all look good especially the sweetcorn. I have some mini sweetcorn growing, I would love to have the space to grow the large variety.

  6. Mini sweet corn sounds like a good idea instead ofvthese monsters

  7. I could dive in and eat all those peas right now, they'd never make it to the pot.