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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holywell beach at low tide

This week has seen some fine sunny weather in Eastbourne along with most of the country and we have visited the beach chalet on a daily basis. The severe winter storms this year did some serious damage to the beach mainly by depositing rocks of all shapes and sizes on four of the main bays for bathing. It didn't seem to bother the children today so I ventured down with my little camera to grab a few shots at low tide.
It seems scarcely believable for the amount that the council charge annually for rent that so few of the chalets have been occupied in view of the splendid weather so far this summer.

Nasty rocks to negotiate

Holywell beach chalets 1 to 69 in this view there are only 7 being used

Low tide looking towards Beachy Head the beach in the photo above this one used to be as sandy

The winter storms affected the geography of the beach this area was a favourite of mine for rock pooling last year

A remnant from when the fishing boats use to tie up here in the 19th century

Concrete and angle iron hazard washed up from who knows where


  1. Amazing pictures David - looks like a perfect summer day - so tempting and perfect for paddling.

  2. Paddling and swimming not quite so enjoyable as last year, climate change? who knows

  3. I am always amazed at the power of the sea to completely change the landscape of at beach. Streams are moved, paths down to the beach washed away, favourite pools disappear, sandy beaches become rock strewn obstacle courses. Fascinating remnant from the past.

  4. I saw a rock so big that it would have taken a bulldozer to move it the sea no problem

  5. Wonderful pictures of low tide that have also inspired me. The fishing remnant is my favourite. Sarah x