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Friday, 18 July 2014

The inexorable advance of compact digital cameras

The photo attached to this post would have been impossible for me to capture with a compact camera in the early days of digital photography. Advancing sensor, lens and image stabilising technology means the camera can be hand held at a low shutter speed 1/10th sec. combined with a fast f1.8 lens and a ISO of 3200 without exhibiting a noisy/grainy picture. Not having a long zoom (it`sx4) may be considered a minus but then any longer would necessitate a slower lens

A strange looking half light sky at 22.30hrs Eastbourne Sony DSC-RX100m2 1/10th sec hand held f1.8 ISO3200


  1. Thank you for your advice a while back re buying a new compact. We went for the Sony HX60V in the end and I'm really pleased with it. Small enough to fit in my handbag but takes great photos. I went to a gig last week and usually have blurry photos that could be anyone if I can't get close to the stage. This time, despite not being near the front, it looked like I was sitting on the singers lap!! Beautiful photo of the sky.

  2. Well done on a good buy, have you tried the wonderful HD panorama mode yet? turn the camera on its side in the portrait position the file is huge but you can reduce it

  3. I haven't I will give it a go. Thank you!

  4. We had a supernatural skyline last night too. Like something out of a Sci-Fi film. Still very beautiful in it's way. Have you exhibited your pictures anywhere? The quality is superb.

    Jean x