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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lidl Seeds

I have posted a allotment blog on ukveggardeners.com (click on link on right) so I will leave it at that for the moment here, but I did call into Lidl on other peoples recommendations today, they have their seeds out for sale and I bought the following, small packets were 29p and large 49p to sow on the plot, there was also a muti-buy discount.
I will use the peas for making pea  shoots for salad use as I already have my tall pea variety.


  1. Excellent value, and just as good as any other supplier whatever some people might say. Flighty.

  2. I agree with Flighty. Why is it necessary/desirable to pay £2.99 for a pack of carrot seeds when the ones at 29p are just as good?

  3. And I also agree; some seeds in catalogues have become ridiculously expensive. Good veg can be grown from inexpensive seeds, too.

  4. thanks for your comments Flighty Mark and Wendy