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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Italian Garden Holywell Eastbourne

A little tour from west to east on the upper and lower promenades

Created in the early part of the twentieth century by landscaping an old chalk quarry it occupies a secluded sheltered spot at the western end of the promenade it is used by a amateur dramatic company every year to put on one of Shakespeare`s plays this year it was Macbeth
It was also very popular in Edwardian times for putting on open air plays and shows at the far end where you can see in one of the photos a stage area no longer used sadly, as the trees are now quite intrusive and need cutting back.
A popular picnic spot by families in the summer who don`t want the beach which is down the hill a short way.
The following pictures I took today do not show it at it`s best because most of the bedding plants are gone.

The steps and sloping bank on the left of picture are retained in the old postcard below
The old theatre shame somebody decided to grow palm trees there to obscure the view
A very old postcard of the Italian garden showing the old theatre at the very end, the area then bears hardly any resemblance to the photo below. The overall contour of the garden and surrounding area has not changed for over a hundred years.

The garden sits down in the centre among the trees, down the hill we find the Holywell tea chalet

As it is now
The tea chalet in the 1950`s

some young guests for breakfast at our 1920`s brick chalet, chalet number two was stayed in by King Edward and Queen Mary in 1935 on their visit to Eastbourne. It is said that the borough has not got Regis after it because the King insisted on no publicity on the visit but the local council and press could not oblige and so therefore we are not Eastbourne Regis.
and finally a 20 min healthy walk east we get to the pier and carpet gardens

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