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Friday, 7 September 2012

Nikon Micro- Nikkor 60mm f2.8 AF-D

I have always been fascinated by insect life and love to photograph them, problem is with real macro photography the equipment is very expensive, the ideal lens is around 100mm focal length so as not to be too close to the little critters and scare them off, vibration resistant optics are an advantage as well, a ring flash can also be useful.
The high cost of all this kit I have never been able to justify as a enthusiastic amateur, so I have managed with close up filters as a cheap alternative.
My trusty old Nikon D100 has been replaced by a old but marvellous Fuji S2 Pro so after selling the D100 on a on-line auction site the opportunity to acquire a good  but used old model Nikon 60mm D macro lens was too good to pass up, this lens can also double-up as a useful prime lens for other work. It is a genuine 1-1 macro lens but I will probably limit it to 1-2 or half size for most work as the working distance from the subject at 1-1 is only about 75mm really too close for moving subjects. The lens arrived today and the following is a quick first shot on the camera. I will need to experiment with it a little to get the best results, I have already noticed that it is better to use manual focus as the lens hunts a bit on auto-focus.

Hoverfly on Helianthus Lemon Queen  (ISO800 1/200 f29)


  1. Wonderful pictures, I especially like the last one. Cheers Flighty.

  2. thanks Mike your comments always welcome