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Saturday, 29 September 2012

West Dorset Autumn Break Part 1 Golden Cap

I am splitting this into two separate posts because of the amount of photos involved on our weeks holiday at Golden Cap Chideock on the Dorset /Devon borders in a mobile home we shared with lifelong friends.
The weather on the Sunday 23rd was awful couldn`t get out all day, thankfully the unsettled weather of sunshine and showers for the rest of the week didn`t stop us from getting out and about to various places. Mixed weather patterns and different lighting conditions make far more interesting photo subjects.

I do recommend for the best effect viewing the pictures full screen by clicking on them
Golden Cap from Seatown beach it`s the highest peak on the Jurassic coast the spume from the sea is  making the photo hazy in the background

A double rainbow (just) shows the very unsettled weather this is Seatown beach looking west

single rainbow
The sun not long from setting on Seatown beach I couldn`t prevent the lens flare completely


The sun was not long from setting behind my right shoulder it does cast a golden glow

A couple and collie dog enjoying the fishing just as the sun is setting
Golden Cap (centre picture) viewed from the beach at Lyme Regis ( the seagull was a bonus)

 I am standing some way up on the opposite hill the pub is our local, the site being a couple of minutes away to the right, due to the very wet summer there have been several falls of rock from the cliff face causing some of the Jurassic coastal paths to be closed, you can see a recent fall in this picture
Golden Cap Holiday Park, the pub and beach is just out of shot to the left of picture

Found this huge toadstool/mushroom (about 130mm across) on one of my walks across the field

Walk up the hill a climb of several hundred feet traverse across some way, down and over the little bridge to home and a cup of tea

Photos  Sony DSC-R1 apart from bottom four (Canon ixus SD1300)


  1. Absolutely stunning photos David, really love the moon lit one but amazing colours with all of them. Glad your time wasn't ruined by the weather. x

  2. Wonderful photos. My parents had a caravan at the site near West Bay and loved the stunning views along the coast. Beautiful part of the world!