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Saturday, 21 July 2012

First Broad Bean Harvest

A gorgeous sunny day today on the beach, after a nice lunch, a swim and a snooze, thought  we ought to make a quick trip to the plot this evening to pick  some goodies.

Carrots are doing poorly but then so are Monty Don`s so I am going to re-sow next week.
Shallots are starting to rot due to water-logging so will pick the rest of those tomorrow
My re-sown peas are going up like a rocket amazing what a bit of sun and warmth will do.
Beetroot`s can now be picked on a regular basis, so can radish
Broad beans first pick today, lovely and lots more to follow
First cauliflower pulled, just showing a little water damage
Did a blind potato tasting today Anya or PFA no question PFA

Tomorrow is due to be a lovely day here in  Eastbourne so we plan to Barbecue some lamb chops  for our evening meal at the chalet. Will serve together with cauliflower, broad beans, and Charlotte potatoes. 

                                            A small but tasty harvest

We also picked shallots and the last of the rhubarb. The cauliflower is showing some water damage but should still be tasty


  1. It all looks good, and I'm sure tastes even better.
    I've given up with carrots this year! Flighty.

  2. Now after all these years I have discovered that I do indeed like beetroot I must try and grow my own next year-any particular variety David would you recommend?

  3. Hope you enjoyed your meal - my cauliflowers have come to nothing this year so I'm green with envy.