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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Haddock Chips Strawberries and Hollyhocks

We visited our friends Jean and John`s large Victorian house tonight along with Brenda and Nicholas for a fish and chip supper or what might be called a balmy evening owing to another lovely day in Eastbourne.

They have a very large garden given over to a largely old fashioned variety of plants, probably in original rockery and boundary brick walls, I was immediately struck by the large selection of hollyhocks of differing shades in a large corner of the garden which seem to have flowered better than normal this year.

The Victorians certainly built with style, I loved the conservatory with the original tiled floor, they also have the most magnificent Virginia creeper which I must photograph in the autumn .

Photos best viewed full screen

Victorian conservatory with original features


  1. Beautiful holyhocks-wish I could grow them here but just too windy...

  2. I adore hollyhocks - the slugs have damaged my flower heads unfortunately but I have sown some from seed and they are planted out so I am excited to see what colours they come out as next year.