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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Macro and close up photography

Yes I am still here but have been tied up for several months with this Diabetes illness which is now under control with tablets. I will be posting some veg plot photos soon in the meantime I have been taking some spring flower pictures which I always enjoy at this time of the year there are 21 in total. All photos taken in my own garden. They do look better enlarged.

Some recent shots taken with a Fuji S3 pro and Nikon Micro Nikkor 60mm 2.8D
Bumble bee with pollen sacs on erigeron

Caterpillar of the Comma butterfly

As above

Comma butterfly

Bearded iris

Tea rose with raindrops


Queen Elizabeth rose

Viola in the rain

Poached egg plant (limnanthes)

Hardy geranium

pink erigeron

giant poppy

Cheeky blackbird looking through our patio window pecking the glass until we come out with raisins cheese or grapes he was doing this several times a day for a week or so while he had young in the nest. Below is one of his fledglings.


Pair of lawn daisies
 Dandelion seeds
Apple blossom
and finally...........ornamental quaking grass
Phew my thanks if you made it to the bottom


  1. Brilliant photos. Wondered where you'd got to!

    1. Yes Debbie still here have been tied up with other things

  2. Is nice to hear from you again and enjoy seeing your stunning pictures. I'm so sorry you have had problems with your diabetes and I am glad you have managed to get it under control.
    Sarah x

    1. thank you Sarah for your comments

  3. Stunning photos David, as ever. I love the viola in the rain photo. Glad to see you blogging again and I hope things get easier with your diabetes. X

  4. Stunning photos. The flowers are gorgeous and I love the Blackbird and Fledgling. Sorry to hear you've had some problems with your health and hope all is well now.

    1. Hi Wendy thank you for your comments your photos on Blue Borage are pretty special too

  5. I think you are getting the hang of this photography lark David - the pictures are stunning.

    1. Thank you Elaine I have been practising for over 50 years now