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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How to revive a bumble bee

Judi and I like to think we have a wildlife friendly garden but this year we have seen a shortage of bumble bees which is worrying.
We spotted this one on our kitchen window blind quite motionless and appearing to be dead after not moving for some considerable time.
Judi (my wife) put some honey and water on a teaspoon and gently lifted the bee on to it before taking it outside and placing it on our garden bench, clearly the sweet smell was to much to resist and the bee started drinking after a while he finished and flew off.
We were both fascinated watching this as we have only ever seen a bee using it`s proboscis to collect pollen and nectar on flowers.


  1. That's an amazing image, glad you rescued the bee.
    Sarah x

  2. Well done, and that's a terrific photo. Cheers, Flighty.

  3. I wonder what was wrong with the bumblebee, but I'm glad you were able to revive it. Lovely photo.

  4. I had a bee die on me last week, it hadn't occurred to me to try anything like this to help him out but I will if it happens again. Thanks for the post. X