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Monday, 29 December 2014

Panoramic pictures with the Fuji X100

Those of you who follow photography on this blog will know that one of my favourite cameras at the moment is the first version of the Fuji X100. Its ability to get picture quality and exposure correct each and every time with or without flash is amazing, it`s usually the first camera I pick up when going out. What I haven`t tried before is the panorama feature either in 180 or 120 degree mode.
Monday was a very cold but bright and sunny day so I took the camera up to the Beachy Head area and Birling Gap to try this feature out. The camera is turned on it`s side and following the direction of the arrow on the screen the shutter button is depressed and the camera is slowly rotated until the required number of shots are stitched together. The two shots taken at the 120 degree setting are just about as they came out of the camera but I have reduced the 3.5Mb (reasonable by today's standards) finished file size. I tried the 180 degree setting but found the picture format too wide and too narrow for my tastes. Notice the horizon in the bottom picture is straight, very commendable considering its a series of shots stitched together in-camera.

Birling gap coast guard cottages and the seven sisters
Beachy Head area Belle Tout lighthouse (now a b and b ) in the far distance