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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Apple iphone 4 camera

I usually carry a little Fuji compact camera with me but because it needed some attention I used my smartphone camera for the first time on a number of late afternoon shots around Eastbourne.
It has been said that smartphone cameras are one of the reasons for the drop in sales of conventional cameras, and maybe Jessops sales suffered as a result I was sad to see them close I started dealing with them (along  with Dixons) from the first time they appeared on the high street.
My own view is that they really have improved over time, (the resolution considering the really tiny lens is excellent) and do fulfil most needs, mine included for certain pictures. I have previously posted one or two of these pictures before but I show them again for effect. A USB cable uploads them from the phone to my PC I then put them through Windows Live photo viewer for basic editing.
Bexhill looking towards Eastbourne

Same view without the boat

Holywell Eastbourne

Eastbourne Pier

Looking towards Beachy Head