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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Identified by the open wings in the rest position this specimen was very accomodating allow me to photograph it fairly close with a digital SLR camera macro lens and a flashgun. 
There are some fantastic details and colours in this fabulous insect not all of them particularly pleasant to look at and not really noticable unless you have a macro lens or a very large megapixel camera that allows cropping to reveal the detail.

I have repeated this post on my other blog on wordpress for larger pictures with more detail

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Eastbourne "Airbourne" air show Saturday

A sunny day with huge crowds enjoying what is always a splendid event annually. The highlight probably being the last two Lancaster bombers still flying, more on that subject Here from my friend Shrimpton and Perfect`s blog with a Spitfire and Hurricane making up a memorial flight. The Typhoon is always impressive especially on after-burners and is very very noisy. The Red Arrows made a welcome comeback (they were missing last year due to being in Russia on a goodwill visit) and put on the usual fantastic display. All pictures were taken from our beach chalet a good vantage point.

Gull number one get back in formation

The memorial flight plus the Canadian Lancaster
I believe the caption reads "The last one"

Thanks for being on standby guys