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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wellcome site from the top end. The tree canopy complete

June 7th after a week of rain the only significant movement seems to be the weeds, removed the large ones by hand but too wet to hoe properly. Picture is site from narrow high end, tree canopy severely limits the amount of sunshine it is south facing though.
 I wonder if there might once of been what looks like a Badger Sett in the undergrowth near to my car.

Charlotte first early, usually does well for me. Not much chance yet to enjoy my chair and log table this season
This belongs to a fellow plot holder we are expecting gale force winds here tonight so fingers crossed it`s not in a pile tomorrow
Wisley Magic runner beans doing well (so are the weeds) have planted a trial of three White Lady runner beans to check the theory on our site at least that the white  flowers will set better than the red we`ll see
Broad beans in flower, must move the Strawberries next season this is their fourth year in the same spot and they are not that brilliant

Recycling a clothes drier as a plant support on a allotment I love it, if you put it in your garden you might get a visit from the planning inspector


  1. what an amazing site for allotments! looks beautiful

  2. Its a sort of love it or hate it allotment site. If you love wild life and seclusion and you can live with the limited types of produce grown on its chalky soil with little sun its for you. If you want a prize winning grow everything type of plot on level ground with full sun best look elsewhere, no prizes for which camp I fall into.

  3. Well, I love it and I love your log table too. I want one!

    1. Hi Becky love your blog just my cup of tea what your doing, as to the log table your Phil had better be a strong guy!

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