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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee family visit

Saturday a chilly overcast windy day in Eastbourne family down so no plot work today but headed for the beach chalet for some sea air. Tide was nearly out and not many people around. The brick built beach chalets are bottom left of picture (you can see the rooves) the blue huts are fibreglass and are very basic no gas or water, behind them are the public toilets and the brick chalet holders toilet and shower room. The flat concrete area is where the Dotto train turns round ready for it`s return journey to Sovereign harbour. Further along five beaches up there is a large pile of rocks they are protection for the chalk cliff face under which houses an underground aquifer supplying some of Eastbourne`s water supply, this is also the source of a natural spring called `Holy Well` the name given to the area of which I will report on in another blog. The water is supposed to have health giving properties it is certainly pure, having filtered through chalk, we pop along in the hot weather and collect bottles of the crystal clear ice cold water to drink as it emerges from the rock

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  1. Lovely shot of the beach. It looks like it's been stormy with all the sand/pebbles in waves. I noticed the same when we were at Bournemouth a while ago.