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Friday, 5 April 2013

Alfriston village East Sussex

We visited Alfriston last year on the 10th March glorious sunny mild weather, what a difference a year makes
It`s a lovely unspoilt part of Sussex with an ancient history, the road through the village is very narrow and no parking is allowed for obvious reasons, there are adequate public car parks at both ends of the village.
The area is very popular with walkers as it is not to far from Long_Man_of_Wilmington it also has the very quaint  Alfriston clergy house The National Trust it`s very first property purchased for £10.

Web links in italics

The village square

The Star inn 

The village store and post office

The George inn

Alfriston high street

St Andrews church Afriston circa 1370

Raised beds in the veg garden of the Clergy House

The Clergy house garden If only this March could have been as nice


  1. I love Alfriston too, and have been there a few times and visited the George Inn with my parents. It was lovely to see it again through your photos and would like some of those raised beds in our garden.
    Sarah x

  2. I thought about the raised beds too Sarah but then considered the cost

  3. What a beautiful place. The sleepers do look great, if you find them cheaply! We have some on one side of the veg plot but they've rotted now where the damp and shade have got to them!

  4. I wonder how much old railway sleepers would cost, trouble with the old creosote I would imagine especially with Lottie

  5. As a young child I used to stay with an aunt at Shoreham and I remember going here several times. Interesting photos.