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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sovereign Harbour and Marina

Located at the Eastern end of Eastbourne in a area know as the Crumbles and developed over the last twenty years or so. During WW2  a factory built aircraft engines there, one of the reasons Eastbourne was targeted and bombed by the Luftwaffe. We often go for a walk and marvel at the variety of boats in the marina. The water level is constant thanks to two locks at the harbour entrance.

Excuse my bit of meerkat fun  with the first picture you can view the wonderful "headlikeanorange" here

We like this restaurant (should have remembered to weatherproof the table and chairs)


  1. Crumbles looks great! Love the meerkat ;)

    1. thank you for the Meerkat link Suzy

  2. The meerkat made me smile...and I can see the modern development at the Crumbles. It does look as though it must have been transformed.