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Saturday, 9 June 2012

June 9th after the Gales

I realise now just what an advantage I have over conventional allotments being surrounded by large trees and lush vegetation in a large basin. Gale force winds do not reach down that far into the site. Although I took precautions there was not one part of the plot or plants that was affected in any way by the gales a big plus and one for my Pros list. 

Telefone peas reaching up well slugs did have a few though

did get to sit at the table for a while today as the sun gave some much needed warmth to the plot

My four tubs of carrots have germinated at last and just showing through
Plot no 1, this shed was made using entirely re-cycled parts rescued bits from skips, old pallets, old wooden windows, commercial fridge door, old decking, mostly scrounged from the local refuse site, he did have to buy some of the corrugated plastic for the roof. We have a good history on our site of nine plots, of not paying for anything unless every other avenue has been exhausted. 

Inside tool store made entirely from old pallets

Fuji FinePix F31fd 
If your in the market for another camera consider one of these, a classic already, only available used on Amazon and  other auction sites but fantastic value and probably all you will need to photograph most of your blog. 95% of pictures on mine are taken with it, I don`t bother to lug the heavy gear about any more except for macro work. Its low light photographic capabilities are exceptional and after 300 shots the lithium battery is still full, macro to about 65mm


  1. My allotment is quite sheltered as well but when we came back from hols I went up to see if there was any damage - the potatoes were a bit flattened but the bean poles were still up. But the weeds have gone berserk. One step forward, two steps back as usual. I'll be doing a post later in the week on http://awomanofthesoil.blogspot.com. Love the shed you have featured - so much more interesting than the run of the mill sheds you can buy, very resourceful. p.s. love the ladybird cursor.

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  3. Thanks Elaine look forward to your next post.I did not have much luck with the book you featured but will keep an eye out at fetes etc did pick up one at a church fete today that I have just started The Morville House by Katherine Swift.
    The lady bird cursor came from a free download