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Monday, 2 June 2014

Vales Emerald my first early potato

I planted two rows 10 weeks ago and had a look today to see how they were doing, I dug up one plant and found some small and also decent sized tubers enough for a meal tonight. 
I confess to one guilty secret the picture shown is minus four potatoes.  I keep a small primus stove and saucepan in the plot shed and couldn't`t resist boiling them with a sprig of mint for a quick snack, handily I had a pat of butter and a salt sachet in my bag I sort of had a premonition before leaving home. (you don`t really believe that do you? ) If there is a more delicious way to eat a new potato 10 minutes after digging it up I am not aware of it.

Vales Emerald a first early variety,a close relation of Charlotte
A welcome addition to dinner, butter, salt, pepper and chopped chives


  1. Ten minutes? What took you so long?

  2. I had the water boiling while I was digging you can`t get much quicker than that

  3. I'm sure you enjoyed your meal this evening. You must have been a boy scout being so prepared! Your snack sounds fantastic. Sarah x

  4. Nothing beats the taste of a home grown spud.
    Jean x

  5. I couldn't resist our new potatoes and pulled some up too soon, they tasted delicious but very tiny. I'm new to gardening so will be following your blog for some tips.

  6. your welcome thanks for your comment, David

  7. We thought Vales Emerald was really tasty when we grew them last year. For some reason we haven't planted them this year. I'll have to try that cooking on the plot trick.

    1. I think the reason we didn't plant them was that we couldn't find any VE seed potatoes. GF is Martyn