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Friday, 6 June 2014

Uninvited guests

In this case a bumble bee while I was photographing a rose, and a fly of some unknown type when I was on the plot this morning. 
When you are looking through the viewfinder you often don`t see them until you review the picture afterwards, I think the bee aborted his landing on seeing a Nikon camera with a grey haired man behind it, can`t say I blame him really, in any case he had more than enough pollen on board.
The poppies have blown over my plot from a neighbours and I must say I love them all.


  1. Picture No.2, Rose against black background is absolutely fab!

  2. apart from the blackspot Mark

  3. Stunning photo's of your stunning flowers

    1. Marlene welcome and thankyou, David

  4. I love the first photo. You couldn't plan it could you? You are absolutely right about photos revealing detail that you hadn't noticed. We get lots of similar volunteer poppies on the plot and it depends where they have set up home as to whether the are allowed to stay or not,