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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Brush Horned Gnat on Quaking Grass

I posted recently on this blog a picture of the brush horned or tufted gnat a non biting species with no mouth parts.
I received a reply from a British expert on this insect saying they are likely to be around in large numbers where you have seen one, we have the Langney levels on our doorstep so the numbers appearing in my garden would seem to confirm what he said.
I noticed one in particular this morning on our ornamental quaking grass so I took some pictures with the macro lens for a closed look.
They say nature is wonderful, in my opinion even more so with insects difficult to see with the naked eye. For a closer look click on the pictures to enlarge them

A close up of that wonderful brush on the antennae
iridescent wings
gnat is approximately 18mm long tip to tail
It`s difficult to convey scale with a macro lens so this is quaking grass on a 1 pence piece
We have large clumps of this lovely quaking grass swaying in the breeze


  1. Wow, those photos are just stunning, the amount of detail captured. I'm in awe! x

  2. Thank you It seems you either love or hate these type of insect pictures glad you are in the former camp

  3. You can how many fantasy monsters are inspired by insects can't you. I love the furry antennae.

    1. if it has been a mossie I would have swatted it !

  4. Mr. Brush Horned Gnat is indeed a fine and handsome fellow close up. Your pictures are fascinating. Incidentally I hadn't come across Quaking Grass before but have just seen a pic on Twitter and now on your blog, how funny.

    jean x

    1. Jean we have lots of ornamental grasses that s..w..i..s..h in the breeze when it`s quiet