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Monday, 15 October 2012

October tidy up

Just when is it going to stop raining? a plot visit today with lots of showers between removing the last of the runner beans and peas plants would like to have done more except for another heavy downpour.
I did manage to plant a selection of tulip bulbs for cutting for home use and erect a comprehensive fox screen to keep them from digging them up. We have a relaxed attitude at EAGS to the veg only rule and Judi would like some more flowers planted for home use plus the usual variety for the butterflies and bees.


  1. Well, flowers do attract the good bugs which can only help eat the nasties on the veg and fruit.

  2. I didn't realise foxes were partial to bulbs. We have an occasion fox visiting our garden but haven't had any damage from them so far! We also had flowers on our allotment which we always enjoyed, you don't feel guilty for picking them!
    Sarah x