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Friday, 5 October 2012

1st week in October

Visited the plot after a two week lay-off due to awful weather and a week away in Dorset, we picked some really long beans along with the usual shorter ones. We don`t usually let them get too long but we cooked a few thinking they might be past their best but they were delicious, perhaps a tiny bit less tender. The beans and peas are now finished and the plot is bare ready for tidying. 
The Bramleys didn`t crop as well as last year this is about a quarter of the crop this year. Down by about a half I would have guessed.
I am going to plant some mixed tulip bulbs along with other flowers on the plot as soon as the soil is less claggy.

    Stewed Bramley apple with no apologies for using ready made custard
Have got two packets of Queen of Night


  1. Very nice. The beans look great to me and I just wish I had apples. I have planted a few tulips but never had much luck with them. I did have one bloom last year though.

  2. I have been busy planting bulbs too - I grow most of mine in containers though - only five more to fill.

  3. We loved our allotment and it was always wonderful bringing the produce home and sharing tips and plants with other allotment holders, sadly we had to give it up when family commitments became too much. What variety of runner bean do you grow? We have usually grown Lady Di but we ate some Firestorm Runner beans recently. They were so tasty and tender that we will be growing some of them next year.
    Sarah x

  4. Allotment pickings have been quite dire this year for us but what we have had has been good, as good as your selection looks! Suzy x

  5. We still have loads of runners and they're just as good when they're big! Our apple trees had no fruit this year. I think it was just too cold at pollination time!