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Monday, 8 October 2012

Webs and raindrops

Miserable day here in Eastbourne overcast with permanent drizzle was hoping to work on the plot today no chance now.
Lots of spiders webs this time of year took this picture with a digital SLR interesting that the raindrops hanging on the web are acting as little lenses turning the image of the bush upside down, we are lucky with single lens reflex cameras these days in that we have a prism built in the viewfinder to correct this, in the old days of plate cameras the image would have appeared to the photographer as upside down making  composition awkward at times

Raindrops on a spiders web like a pearl necklace

Raindrops on ornamental grass
Had to use fill flash hence the refractions from the raindrops


  1. That is a stunning photo, looks like a necklace! Wet and horrid here in the Midlands.

  2. There's always something magical about pictures like these. I spent a couple of hours on the plot before the drizzle turned to rain. Cheers, Flighty.

  3. I really admired you pictures and had a go myself yesterday morning, couldn't even get close to how good yours look. Amazing! X

  4. Hi Maggie, I dont have very expensive camera kit just over 50 years of experience taking pictures and understanding light.

  5. What amazing pictures, especially the top one. It's as if from space or at the very least Narnia. Just beautiful.

  6. Those reflections are incredible!
    Sarah x