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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Garden Birds in the Autumn Garden

Autumn is here, now that the natural food supply of our garden birds is declining we are feeding regularly with seeds, raisins, and fat balls, we dare not put out scraps of any other food except perhaps a few cake crumbs as the seagulls will eat them before the birds get a chance.
We have noticed that the female blackbirds are not as tame as the males and are more reluctant to come to the table, tits are difficult to photo, the robins no problem. Wagtails should be visiting soon.


  1. Superb photos, I particularly like the blue tit. I look forward to seeing my resident birds more over the coming months, and will be putting plenty of food out for them as usual. Cheers, Flighty.

  2. Fantastic bird shots David - who's a clever boy then! They never stay still long enough for me - we had a sparrowhawk the other day sitting on the trellis by the time I'd run upstairs to get the camera he'd gone. Darn it.

  3. Great photos. The one of the robin with the bird food is beautifully lit.

  4. Wonderful pictures of your visiting birds.
    Sarah x