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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Rose in autumn sunshine

A lovely sunny day down on the plot but soil much too wet and clingy after all the heavy rain to do much except a little tidy.
Roses and other flowers are still blooming until the first frosts, there are also lots of lovely rose hips for making rose hip syrup which Judi has on her porridge for breakfast.
I have been asked to recommend a good digital camera for a friend which is an absolute nightmare for me given the thousands available both new and used. I shall need time to consider the options for her,and what it will be used for. The biggest mistake is to fall into the trap of thinking that the more mega pixels  there are, the better the camera, this is a myth which I will not go into now but as a case in point the two yellow rose photos below, one was taken with a  £10 3MP camera and one with a £200 10MP, view full screen and see if you can spot which is which. The rose hip was taken with the cheap camera.
Answer at the bottom

Second picture down is the £200 10MP camera


  1. Good pictures often depend as much on a good eye as they do an expensive camera.
    I'll be interested to know what you recommend. Cheers Flighty.

  2. I do prefer the top and bottom pictures. I always like a camera that takes good pictures close up and can zoom in.
    Sarah x