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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Windows Live Photo Gallery

This photo editing software part of Windows Essentials is standard on my Windows 7 OS. I use it often instead of Photoshop for it's uncomplicated and simple effects, it has a function for straightening photos (ideal for landscapes) as well as noise reduction. You can check with Microsoft for suitability to your operating system.
It was used to produce this picture of a pink carnation. The amount of editing is a matter of personal taste.

                             Before Editing about half a stop over-exposed

                                                    After editing
I used a Canon 40D with a Canon 70-300mm IS lens mounted on a tripod I waited until the evening when the light was softer and used 1/30sec at f5.6 iso 200 I lowered the shadows after auto-exposure and raised the highlights a little in the editing and applied some sharpening


  1. As you know we use Lightroom. I have Photoshop but find it a bit less user friendly. I really need to sit and play with it more. You can 'straighten tall building using Lightroom. I'd have liked to see your before shot.

  2. I have added the before shot Sue

    1. Thank you. Te after is definitely more dramatic