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Monday, 9 June 2014

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100M2

I mentioned in a previous post that I had purchased a used model for a very low price, well what I didn`t say was that it was a Japanese import and that I don`t understand a word (or symbol) of the language, what I do understand is the more advanced aspects of digital cameras such as these in the modern universal language of digital photography 
So, using trial and error I have been experimenting with the different settings to see which one is the best suited for my purposes, one of the most useful features it has, and one that features on a lot of cameras now is the articulated display screen, for low down or overhead shots it is brilliant and in the case of the latter saves using a chair or ladder!
It is hard to break the habits of a lifetime and I am loathe to move away from the P setting it does allow me by rotating the front lens ring to set aperture and speed to how I like it. The camera is clever enough to sense if the light (or setting I have selected) is not quite right and takes two or three rapid shots each with a slightly different exposure leaving me to see which one I like, isn`t modern technology clever.
The following are a selection of photos with my default setting on the camera.

Of course you may wish to skip the techno-babble and move straight on to the nine pictures.........

                                         The overhead shot

                        Ground level. The command dial is normally set on P not on scn

                                       Poppies in the strawberry bed

                                            Overhead rose shot

                                  The colour of this foxglove is spot on

            Phildelphus. Bees having been arriving in camera shot a lot lately

                                          Mock Orange (philadelphus)

 Using the articulated screen for this low down beach shot

                                          Our first tomato forming


  1. Your experiments have created wonderful images! The articulated display screen looks a useful feature. Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah my seaside pictures are getting up to your standard hopefully

  3. They are wonderful photos, as if you needed help! You are an excellent photo taker. x

  4. The articulated screen is present on my Lumix FZ100 but it their wisdom Panasonic haven't incorporated it into the FZ72. I miss it and also found thought the way it twisted so that the viewing screen could be closed so that it didn't scratch etc was a bonus. A retrograde step. By the way how many cameras have you got?

    1. 4 film cameras 11 digital 6 lenses lenses and cameras all inter-changeable
      Sue I use screenguard membrane LCD protectors on my digital cameras