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Monday, 16 June 2014

Mid June plot update

Harvested the first Charlotte second early potatoes, also first early Vales Emerald.
The strawberries are still fruiting and picked a nice bowl for evening meal dessert
Poppies are still flowering well and do make a statement on an otherwise green background.

charlotte crop from one tuber

Vales emerald crop from one tuber

We like ours with creme fraiche


  1. Laying down on the plot again? Our potatoes are just flowering so we will be digging some soon.

  2. Sue,you probably plant a few weeks later than we do down South. I take very few pictures at waist level

  3. I've got some Charlotte on the go too, but I'm planning to finish the First Earlies before I harvest any of them. I think it is one of the best potato varieties ever!

  4. We like Vales Emerald our first early for it`s lighter texture the Charlotte is more waxy

  5. I haven't started harvesting potatoes yet - I hope I get a batch as good as yours. I've grown Charlotte and Foremost this year.

  6. I must try Foremost next year I have heard good reports