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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Broad beans a simple meal and a bee count

We enjoyed the first batch of broad beans planted last autumn and overwintered today in our evening meal a simple affair but with the added bonus of Vales Emerald first early potatoes both from our allotment plot.
Afterwards I walked round the plot to do a bee count on some of the wild flowers. 
Friends of the Earth are concerned about declining bee numbers due to the loss of their natural habitat and have a smartphone and notepad App where you can identify and log bee varieties and numbers. You can find it Here I saw lots of bumble bees but no honey bees.

                                          Route one to the pollen

                                                           Our preferred eating size

                                       Picked before they get to big

                                       Small but perfectly formed

                                                Ready for the pot

  Grilled tomatoes, broad beans, new potatoes with chives and butter, chicken  breast, simple and quick


  1. Oh, very nice! Those BBs look perfect. If you leave them to get big they go leathery, don't they? [Meal and photography very much along the lines of Mark's Veg Pot. I approve!]

  2. I have been closely observing your food art for some time now Mark

  3. Food art - another string to your bow. Hope that you didn't let the meal go cold though.

  4. Excellent bee pics - hope you enjoyed your home grown meal.

  5. Delicious. I'm not normally a fan of the bean. But I've been swayed.

    jean x

    1. Jean they are much nicer picked early

  6. Thanks for the link, very interesting. Hubby and I were saying we think there are more bees this year, we live in Hampshire, fingers crossed I'm doing what I can in my garden to help them.

  7. Marlene I agree in as much as there are loads of bumble bees around here in Eastbourne but not many other species