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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bee Friendly or Lawn Lounger

In this case clover, the lawn is covered in it I should apply weedkiller I know but the honey bees love it so I put up with it for a week or so and then run the mower over it. After we comment how lovely it now looks we  sit and admire it until the clover grows again, and we start over.
Our local farm sells clover honey which we buy, could it be some of our clover? be nice to think so.

Bee friendly clover

The Lawn Lounger

Honey bee in clover


  1. What a lovely clover covering - I guess you laid flat out to get that shot. We don't have any clover or daisies unfortunately my husband prefers the lawns all green.

  2. I used to be a lawn perfectionist myself until it got really hard work after the chlorine was banned that I used to keep the worms down with and avoid their casts

  3. I don't see why lawns should contain only grass. The clover looks fine to me. Actually it is probably easier to keep a lawn of clover looking nice (and green) than one of grass.

  4. If you like it that is all that matters - that is as long as you don't you don't attract pigs!

  5. We love pigs but not in the garden