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Monday, 7 July 2014

How do harlequin ladybirds mate on a bamboo cane

Well my photo may be a clue. I am aware that the harlequin is forcing out our own native ladybird but if they eat lots of aphids it`s difficult to argue against them.

A plot update first Monday in July.

I have a blackfly infestation on my french beans on close inspection I saw two harlequin ladybirds mating I wondered how they were hanging vertically onto a smooth bamboo cane until I enlarged the photo and saw little hook like claws on the end of their legs.
Tomorrow I will spray the beans with a organic insecticide and the ladybirds will have to taake their chances unless of course they can give birth to enough offspring overnight to change my mind.
The sunflowers are out and looking terrific, the sweetcorn is as high as my eye and still going upwards I had to tie it in a little today to keep it away from the path and the asparagus is happy now that I am not cutting off it`s head each time it makes a appearance. Oh and the runner beans are almost ready to pick yum yum.
The fuschia and buddleia growing over from the park next door are very colouful.


  1. They'd have to go some to lay eggs that hatch that quickly! They are very energetic though aren't they? I;n guessing to tiny feet that cane isn't smooth at all.

  2. Wishful thinking on my part to expect lots of little ladybirds, a tongue in cheek comment for sure