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Monday, 14 July 2014

The mystery of the lost pruning knife

I am forever mislaying gardening tools on the allotment plot. I start out on one job and then get distracted and start on another especially on a day like today.  I was pottering  and stopped to have a natter with Wendy and her daughter Robyn who have taken on a small plot next to mine. Now I could have sworn I had a pruning knife in my hand at the time,cutting some twine  but it has been mislaid,I looked all over the plot even enlisting the help of a seven spot ladybird atop the sweet corn.It will probably come to light in the Autumn.Unless of course I have a eureka moment.

It wasn`t here

Or here

Isn`t that it down there?

No just a twig


  1. I found a pair of scissors on the plot this week that were lost last autumn. Still in working order too.

  2. Let`s hope I can do the same

  3. Isn't that annoying? Hope they turn up soon.

    Jean x

    1. So do I Jean they were a present from my wife

  4. I'm forever losing secateurs, gloves and it was probably me who lost the scissors! Now I have tied some red ribbon to the scissors and it helps. Trouble is my gloves are soil coloured - why don't they do sensible gloves in bright colours which they reserve for flimsy 'girlie' gloves?

  5. My glover were yellow now they are soil coloured I thought about doing what my mum did and thread them on a string through my coat sleeves but it wasnt practical

  6. hahaha, I know this very well, when I had my allotment I was always mislaying things and quite often they would turn up in the compost heap!! How they got there is a mystery, I've even found a knife from home in there. It's those allotment imps! x

  7. Makes me feel better that I am not the only forgetful one