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Monday, 25 June 2012

Last week in June

Visited the plot today the first dry one for a while, after not being able to get down for a week wanted to see if there had been any progress.
The bad news was evident, the slugs and snails have decimated my peas, out of four rows I have probably salvaged one, the lower leaves of my runner beans had been attacked as well but the beans are OK. I for sure will be using Nemaslug next year to break the cycle.
In my four years on the plot I have never known such a bad start to the growing season, the weeds are rampant everywhere.
My first early potatoes are doing well and after ten weeks I have started digging them a bit early I know but Monty Don recommends picking them and eating as you go rather than digging a lot up in one go and storing.
Broad beans are flowering well and I have pinched the tips out as the black fly are in them.
Strawberries are my biggest disappointment  not a lot of fruit and none ripening yet
Carrots have still been slow to germinate, beets I have started picking

International Kidney potato flower

Charlotte potato flower

Beet root I picked these early, planted  as a bunch

Orang poppy just popped up between my fruit trees

My pick of today`s crop potatoes are Charlotte

Moroccan mint but leaning out towards the light and sun

International Kidney potatoes


  1. beautiful pictures and your rhubarb is also looking good...
    aren't new potatoes amazing?

  2. Yes they are but I have to confess to be slightly disappointed with the Imperial Kidney I dont think they have the flavour of Charlotte

  3. Lovely pictures. The poppy really glows. I've started on my potatoes, even though they didn't flower, there was a good crop there.

  4. That`s interesting I hadn`t considered digging the potatoes before flowering

  5. Everything looking good David - I have tried my Charlottes - love them - but the Lady Christl flavour is excellent - although yields seem to be down on last year.