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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mid summer

Visited the plot today first time for nearly a week due to the rain and wet underfoot conditions. I cannot believe its nearly mid July hardly any sunshine to speak of but plenty of rain.
The bad news first I noticed the first signs of blight on my first and second early potatoes. I am a little surprised by this as I didn`t think we have had any humid days yet, lots of rain yes, maybe that is the problem, our site is prone to blight and it seems to be always about the middle of July.
I hope to have dealt with it by cutting down all the haulm at soil level at the top of the ridge to prevent it spreading down to the potatoes themselves. I will burn the diseased haulm when I am next down on Monday.
The good news, I have a bumper crop of raspberries from just a few canes, the wildlife don`t seem to have bothered with them this year, perhaps to much natural food about with all the rain.
I am very sad not to have seen any butterflies at all yet this summer our site is overgrown with nettles  and other wild plants they love, it must be too wet, they cannot fly with wet wings perhaps there is time yet I really hope so.

There is a allotment here somewhere, time for Eastbourne council to come in with strimmers

Wisley Magic runner bean flowers not setting yet

Just need the sunshine now

I can`t see the point of standing when you can sit to pick Raspberries. Yes I know shorts are a bad idea with nettles about.

About ten minutes to pick this punnet full and about the same to follow

Have replanted Telefone peas this is a few more waiting to go in, the slugs had the first lot


  1. Not a bad crop of raspberries David - I think those flowers are Oxeye Daisies. We are all suffering one way or another with the rain - shame about your potatoes.

  2. I think raspberries are one of the few successes this year. I picked about 2lbs yesterday from my row about 12 feet long. Too many to eat, so froze most for later :) Hope your potatoes are ok!

    1. Thanks Debbie I loved your Wednesday blog post lovely pictures in a very pretty feminine style ( hope that not sexist)