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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Young Sparrowhawk no practice needed now

Incredibly I was just posting pictures of birds including an item about a young sparrowhawk who hasn`t yet caught a bird in our garden at least, when he turned up swiftly and silently and in a blink of an eye bagged what we think is a blackbird.

Nature can be cruel, but you cannot help but admire what  magnificent killing machines birds of prey are especially this one who is clearly in his prime

success at last keep away

Success at last in our garden 


  1. Terrific picture. They are a sign of good garden health and only feed when on what is needed, often days apart.
    One of my bird books says of sparrowhawks...'this fabulous bird is a sure indication that you're doing the right thing - so well done (and keep putting out the bird food)'. Flighty.

  2. I think it`s fair to say domestic cats kill far more small birds than birds of prey

  3. Gorgeous pictures David. I always love seeing the garden birds and the sparrow hawk is magnificent.