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Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Identified by the open wings in the rest position this specimen was very accomodating allow me to photograph it fairly close with a digital SLR camera macro lens and a flashgun. 
There are some fantastic details and colours in this fabulous insect not all of them particularly pleasant to look at and not really noticable unless you have a macro lens or a very large megapixel camera that allows cropping to reveal the detail.

I have repeated this post on my other blog on wordpress for larger pictures with more detail


  1. Fab photos, David. That Dragonfly has very different colours to the ones I have recently seen in my garden, which are mostly brown and yellow. You can see where the name comes from, can't you? They would be VERY scary if they were ten times the size!

    1. Science fiction stuff for sure Mark

  2. You have to take the best photos ever, absolutely stunning! What camera do you use, if you don't mind me asking.

  3. Suzy nothing really expensive a Nikon D3100 plus a Nikon macro lens the key really is to use a flashgun (even in bright sunlight) to add fill flash to even out the exposure, I use all manual settings and take many pictures before I get the balance right but then I do have 60yrs experience to count on. I always say the grey matter behind the lens is more important than the camera.