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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fujifilm X100 digital camera

My favourite small real camera at the moment for it`s ability to take terrific photos under all sorts of lighting condition from moonlight to bright sunshine and get the exposure right each time every time, I love it.
The camera is retro in that it looks like a rangefinder film camera of many years ago it is a all metal construction and has a full size APS-C sensor with a dual optical and electronic viewfinder. 
The camera can be used on A (automatic) setting but I prefer to use the all manual setting either shutter priority or aperture priority a must if you want to get your DOF (depth of field) right. 
Lens is F2 and fixed focal length of just short of wide angle about 35mm in a 35mm camera format no zoom then and no image stabilisation. Zoom is with your feet and because the ISO will go to 3200 and higher it always sets a fast shutter speed to minimise shake.

with hood and half case fitted the lever with the red dot selects optical or electronic viewfinder

A or rotate for aperture priority f numbers

A or rotate for shutter priority speeds right knob is exposure compensation

I added a Leica style leather strap with lug protectors to protect the metal body

The display giving all relevant data this appears in the electronic viewfinder when your eye is placed up to the viewfinder or you can select a plain optical view with a framing graticule by the flick of a lever
        Four shots out of the camera showing a high resolution lens and correct exposure and colours

when the sun is shining I use fill flash permanently the camera always selects the right amount


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  2. Lovely photos David, I particularly like the shell at the end

    1. so do I Chickpea, sadly I cant show what the camera really excels at, family photos of children

  3. What a great looking camera. So nice to see a manual one too. Back in the day when I was keen on photography, manually setting up everything and waiting for the results once developed was part of the joy.


    1. Yes me to, but things move on inexorably