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Friday, 17 August 2012

Peter Rabbit with thanks to Miss Potter

We used to have lots of these on the allotment site until Mr and Mrs Fox and family moved in, they are still in residence (the foxes that is) but we still took the precaution of netting each plot burying the metal mesh deep down into the soil to prevent rabbit burrowing. It is a solution but it does makes weeding difficult close up to the wire net.

This lone (so far) youngster was on the Holywell promenade slopes close by the plot quite brazenly munching away in a flower bed.

Photo Canon Ixus SD1300 IS


  1. Shame they don't eat the weeds isn't it! Think you need a whippet :)

    1. Strange you should say that I just had a conversation with Herself about if we ever did get a dog it would be a whippet greyhound or a cross between the two, probably an ex racer we think they make wonderful pets

  2. Their eyes look so innocent...until you see what their mouth is doing...

  3. Terrific photo. Thankfully there none hereabouts! Flighty.