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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Beetles and spiders

Good news today, the plot holder of the neglected one next to mine spoke to me with the news that he has been given a ultimatum to start clearing the weeds by the middle of September or be evicted. I will not say more than that at the moment.

The autumn is a good time to be around with a camera I spotted this spider and beetle in the garden. I am looking into what type of beetle it is.
Note. My friends on Facebook tell me its a  red-legged shield bug

By the markings clearly does not want to be eaten, has lost a leg. Body about 8mm long
Looks a tough nut to crack from underneath as well
One greenfly that will not be on my roses any more, a sticky end


  1. Definitely some sort of shield bug. I've noticed a few of them around this year, usually the bright green ones!

  2. Terrific photos! Like Serendipity it's usually green ones that I see as well. Cheers, Flighty.