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Monday, 17 September 2012

A hard mornings work

A full mornings work at the plot this morning weeding, repairing the wire back fence, cutting back and tying in the raspberries, a chat with Linda about the merits of organic produce. I also picked some Bramley apples and beans. The greenhouse plastic has gone again so maybe the time has come to re-consider the options. Some good news, the neglected plot next to me has had some work done to remove some of the jungle. I also noticed another plot holder has grown this little sunflower that I have in my garden. My thanks also to Elaine and Mark who have pointed me in the direction of Picassa and PicMonkey.com very good photo editing programmes

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  1. Lovely picture - glad to be of help - how come you have the Picasa symbol beneath it - all my pics are on Picasa and the symbol never comes up for me?

    1. Probably because I posted the photo to my blog directly from picassa

  2. Hi David,

    Love this photo-the light and shadow is enchanting!