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Thursday, 6 September 2012

September sunset

We have had a sunny week with clear skies and some quite chilly nights. We are lucky in that we live on a bungalow estate here in Eastbourne and because we have no tall chimneys or rooves to contend with we can get some nice photos of sunset skies. Here`s one taken this evening at 7.50 the effect is helped by the South Downs to the West of us.

Sad to say with this weather I have not done an awful lot on the plot, tending to relax in the beach hut with a cool drink, the plot has just peas and runner beans now to pick before I start on the serious work later on in October.

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  1. Beautiful colours. There's something magical about pink skies! Wish we could see the sunset, but we're the wrong side of a hill! Mornings are often great though.