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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Winter Weather mid March

Had a feeling planting my early potatoes might have been tempting fate, here in Eastbourne we had 4 inches of snow in 24 hour period.
It did bring lots of birds into the garden and onto the bird table where we had plenty of food out for them.
At the time of writing a partial thaw is under way but freezing again tonight is forecast.
Our resident robin has found a mate, I didn`t have the camera to hand when they met on the bird bath sadly, he tenderly offered her a bread crumb which she accepted, it was so nice to see as they are generally very territorial, anyway off they flew together. We hope they nest in our shrubbery again this year I did get a picture last year of one of the juveniles from a nest.

Resident robin
Juvenile robin they get the red breast at about 6 months

Blue Tit on the bird table very alert judging by the cocked head

We can almost guarantee a visit from the Wagtails when there is snow on the ground
Refraction of sun on thawing icicle tip

Reflection is my garden fence

Thaw is under way


  1. Great shots David - the weather was diabolical yesterday but has calmed down a bit today - when will it ever end this interminable winter.

  2. I hope so Elaine lots to do on the plot fingers crossed for a better growing season this year

  3. It's funny that here in NE Hants were often get off comparitively lightly concerning the weather. It has certainly been cold this week, but we have had hardly any snow. My potatoes are still indoors, and I'm not anticipating being able to plant them for a couple of weeks yet.

  4. Mark I may have been too hasty but I wanted the potatoes out of the ground end of June to avoid the blight that plagues our site always about the beginning/middle of July time.

  5. Your images are so good,my favourite one has to be the blue tit. It looked on the TV that the snow really hit the South East, although it has felt so bitterly cold here and the plants were looking very forlorn this morning.
    Sarah x

  6. Wonderful pictures of three of my favourite birds!
    As for the weather I see that it'll be getting milder but wetter. Cheers.

  7. Terrific pictures. I love the first one of the robin. It was a lot milder here today, roll on spring!

  8. Hello; I've just come across your wonderful pictures of your garden birds. I've just bought extra bird food for the birds I feed because of the forecast for more cold weather. And I'm afraid my potatoes are still "on hold", I don't think I'll be planting them just yet.

    1. Thanks for your comments Wendy probably a wise move re the potatoes, have visited your blog and will follow with interest, all the best David