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Sunday, 6 January 2013

January 2013 at Wellcome

Well after all the rain we have finally had a few dry days in a row, too wet still for working on the plot but nice enough for a visit to the beach and on the way home visit the plot to check on things in general.
It does look bare at this time of year.
I visited the Holywell Eastbourne beach at low water and walked along the shoreline with my little pocket camera to take a few snaps and get a bit of sea air, we have both been really housebound more than we would like with all the rain.
The site in January

The simple things in life at the beach, water was freezing

Shot against the sun

rocks on the beach worn smooth over the years

Shot with the sun behind


  1. Lucky you - to see the sun, I mean. We have had misty drizzle most of the day. Your allotment area certainly looks in need of a bit of sun to green things up!

  2. Mark there has been so much rain and so little sun everything has a green verdigris like mould over it

  3. Lovely to see pictures of the beaches close to you too. It must have been freezing in the water!
    Sarah x

  4. Lovely beach shots David - how I would love to live by the sea. We have had some really mild, rainless, days last week - it makes a nice change I can tell you.

  5. Lovely photos of the beach. Even after a few dry days the ground is still so muddy. Roll on spring!